Client Stories and Testimonials

Every day, we serve dozens of clients.  Here are just a few client stories:

"I would like to thank you for the great job helping us get meds for a very sick but lovable 2 yr old.  Thanks for all the donations and support... You guys rock! -Sincerely, Happy Auntie and Grandmom" (For a 2 year old needing Tamiflu)

A soldier came in for help with medical equipment for his father. The soldier had just arrived in the U.S. on emergency leave from his duty station in Korea. His dad had an unexpected surgery this weekend and needed to borrow numerous items to ensure safe mobility. These items will allow the soldier's wife to care for the patient in their home. We helped the soldier obtain a wheelchair, hospital bed, walker, gait belt, bedside commode and shower chair.

Nurse Mary and Executive Director Amy Navejas spent an hour providing one on one education to a newly diagnosed diabetic at clinic in late March. We scheduled her an appointment with Cumberland HealthNET to find a medical provider and sent her home with a glucometer, strips and lancing device.

Our Eat Smart, Move More program introduces children to healthy eating and exercise! Children get to taste fresh veggies and even learn a little tai chi.

What the Kids are Saying . . .

“I told my grandmother fried chicken is not healthy . . . too much grease and chicken fat.”

“I told my mom I wanted to eat some red meat, but not a lot.”

“I didn’t want a cookie; I asked for an apple.”

“Fruit Loops are bad because they have dye and too much sugar. I picked Cheerios.”

“Drink water!!”

In February, we had a woman come in for help with direct aid. The single mother works full time but does not earn enough to afford insurance. She has not been to a doctor since her now five year old child was an infant. For the last week, she has been having difficulty breathing at night due to a troublesome cough. Today, she finally relented and paid out of pocket to see a physician. She waited until her symptoms were severe in an effort to avoid unnecessary cost. She was diagnosed with pneumonia- a bacterial infection of the lungs and prescribed antibiotics and cough medication.  After having paid $140 to see the physician, she was unable to afford the $90 for antibiotics. Better Health was able to assist her by purchasing her medicine at reduced cost. Thanks to our donors, we are able to help this working mom get healthy again so she can avoid missing work and continue to care for her son!

We had a fantastic visit recently from two clients who came for diabetes assistance. One was recently released from the hospital and needed to fill his new prescription. We were able to help him and provide them with education, a pair of donated diabetic shoes and medical supplies for a foot wound. They were truly appreciative of the help and a joy to work with.

A handsome five year old little boy and his mother came into the office one day.  The mother had been active duty military but recently transferred into the Army Reserves.  In the process of changing jobs, their Tricare coverage lapsed, through no fault of the mother.  In the meantime, the child's kindergarten sent home notice that he would not be allowed back to school until she was able to provide an Epipen, which would cost $587.  After hours on the phone, we were unable to get Tricare to correct their issue.  The problem would take at least a week to correct.  Realizing the importance of this child getting back to school and not risking a health emergency for the child, Better Health paid for his medication.  

A young man came to us for assistance with his medications.  He had previously had Medicaid but aged out the month prior.  As a diabetic, he needed his insulin filled and was experiencing symptoms from having to ration his last bit of medication.  After contacting the pharmacy, he was told it would cost him over $1,600 for a single vial!  The family turned to Better Health. After spending hours on the phone advocating for this young man, we were finally able to get his medication filled the same day and help him enroll in a program to assist him with the insulin long term. 

A young woman and mother of four came to our office requesting assistance. After getting to know her a bit, we learned her difficult story.  She and her children had lived on the West coast until recently.  As victims of domestic violence, she packed their belongings and got on a bus with the children and traveled East to Fayetteville.  In route, all of their belongings were stolen.  She had arrived the day prior to coming to our office.  The youngest child, a mere six months old, came down with a terrible infection upon arrival.  The mother found a physician and took him in to be seen. The doctor rushed the child to the Emergency Department by ambulance.  Upon discharge, the mother came to us for help. Since her Medicaid had not yet transferred from their home state, we were able to assist in purchasing the child's medication. 

We have a client whom we have assisted with seizure medication and now with vision in the LensCrafters OneSight program.  He was 42 years old and had been working for years in the construction business.  In December of 2014 he started having seizures and was hospitalized a number of times. He said he hasd been on medication since June, with some assistance from Cape Fear Valley as well as from Better Health. During that time he had not had any more seizures.  He was under the care of a neurologist and had many tests done to try to determine the cause of the seizures. The doctors were unable to figure out what is causing the seizures. He will never be able to work full-time in construction as he did in the past, but hoped to be able to do some light construction work in the future. That will depend on how well he keeps on responding to medication. He  applied for disability and should be able to receive it, since his condition keeps him from being able to work full-time. But that always takes time. He made an appointment at CCMAP for ongoing help with his medication. So he’s trying to do whatever he can to help himself.  We cannot always plan our lives and count on our good health; even when we seem to be doing the right things. 

Yesterday a young woman came to request assistance with medication. She was a waitress who developed sores on her feet that developed into osteomyelitis (bone infection). She had several hospital stays, incorrect diagnoses, surgeries, etc.  She is an example of someone who works hard, saves her money when she can, is generally quite healthy, but has an unplanned health incident that can be very debilitating and even life threatening.  She has been using her savings to pay for her health care, but now has run out of savings and needed to come to Better Health for assistance with her medications. She brought 3 prescriptions, an antibiotic and 2 medications to increase the circulation of blood in her feet. We were able to pay for the antibiotic and one other med. The one her doctor said was most crucial for her healing was one that had a cost of $6,758.00 for one month. However, we did locate a program that would assist with it, so we printed that paperwork for her. She was very excited to have that information and hopefully it will work out for her to receive that assistance.  Sometimes our best laid plans don’t always work out and there continues to be a need for organizations like Better Health. Thank goodness for all donors who make contributions to make it possible to assist these people in need.

An elderly woman came to Better Health needing to borrow a bedside commode.  We provided her with the equipment and her daughter inquired about our other services. We told her about our core programs and she stated that her mother's cancer treatments caused side effects which made it necessary to utilize adult diapers.  We were able to send them home with adult incontinence supplies to assist her during her chemotherapy treatments, in addition to the bedside commode. Hopefully, these items will help make caring for her mother a bit easier for them all.

A young soldier came in to our office with a list of equipment his physical therapist had recommended for him.  Although young, the soldier had significant mobility challenges.  He stated that he had been in a jump training accident and experienced numerous significant injuries to his spine, neck and head.  He and his wife were expecting twins in a few months and he was eager to begin trying to recover and become mobile again.  We loaned him a walker, bedside commode, shower chair, gait belt and more.